Learn the 3 Scoring Killers

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The secret to playing better isn't more lessons, working out, new clubs, or a new swing tip...

I’m sorry to say this but you’ve been misled.

I’ve helped thousands of golfers go from shooting 100 to 85, from 90 to 80 and not once has it been by standing on the driving range working on their golf swing.  Finally fixing their slice (yes you can shoot far lower scores with your horrible slice) or getting someone custom fit for new clubs.

What has worked?

I want to introduce you to the Scoring Method.

I’ve spent the last 8 years honing and perfecting this course management system to help you understand how to actually shoot lower scores on the golf course… and it’s finally ready for you to start using.

When most people think course management they think about aiming toward that tree over there or when to lay up or not… That’s not what the Scoring Method is, it’s a radical new way to think about playing golf and approach scoring with the game you have right now.

Let me teach you (completely free) the 3 SCORING KILLERS and share with you critical concepts of the Scoring Method