Sick of just one or two good rounds of golf a year?

The Scoring Method is simply a new way to look at the game of golf with the skills and swing you have today.

You’ll learn how get the ball in the hole quicker and the expectations and concrete strategies you need.  We’re talking less frustration and no more blow up rounds.

We’ll start you off with our process to see where you’re at and then teach you the scoring method and equip you with a unique scorecard to help you track unique stats (you haven’t heard of these) that help reframe how to shoot lower scores.

So What's Included?

  • Learn the strategy you need around the golf course to shoot lower scores with the game you have.
  • Simple practice concepts to help you get 10x the effectiveness about the limited time you can practice.
  • 30+ videos walking you through everything you need to know to succeed with the scoring method.
  • Scoring Method scorecards and purposeful practice plan to print out and use.
  • Our success guide and checklist to make sure you understand everything to be successful with the method.
  • Access to the Scoring Method community and additional coaching from Will.

I was out working with a new golfer the other morning.

He’d played golf for 18 years. Got out about once a month but never really progressed.

He just wanted to break 90 consistently, so he wouldn’t get so frustrated on the course (and let’s be honest… feel a little more confident around his friends).

When we teed it up on the first tee he started rattling off issues with his golf swing and how he couldn’t hit his driver and what he was working on in his swing.

It always seems like every golfer does that when they get around a golf instructor.

“Here’s what I’m working on with my swing”

And my question is always… How is that going to help you shoot a lower score today? It’s not.

Reframing the way you approach the game and understanding what the REAL game of golf actually is you can start to systematically lower scores.

Here’s what I want to do…

  • Walk you through the mindsets you need to start shooting lower scores.
  • Share with you our Scoring Method Scorecard and how to use it.
  • What to do once you use the Scoring Method and get your results from the scorecard.


The #1 Course Management Method to Shoot Lower Scores with the Golf Game You Have Today.


When you sign up for the course we’ll send you a pack of 25 scorecards for free…  So when you head to the course to implement what you learn you’ll have our custom scorecards in hand.

From the Facebook Group

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I go through this coaching?

We have all the video coaching in an online learning system which you get instant access to as soon as you sign up.  Inside that portal you’ll also be able to download any resources and documents you’ll need.

If you have questions we’ll be here to help!

How long will I get access?

You get lifetime access to this content in our course portal!

How will I watch these?

On a computer, tablet, or phone. You’ll be able to watch the recorded presentations (or download to save them for future consumption.)

We’ve had hundreds of people make it through the program.

Why isn't this FREE?

In this program we’re going to walk you through a specific strategy to lower your scores and change your expectations with playing golf and shooting lower scores.

Coach Will Robins has spent the past 8 years honing and refining this system with thousands of students dropping thousands of shots off their score.

We’ve made this a price of a normal golf lesson in the US.  We’re confident you’ll get far more value than what you’re paying.

Is this relevant for a single digit handicapper?

ABSOLUTELY!   See what this student had to say…

“I’m new to this group also – a 5 handicapper here in Australia. I was excited until I got into the program and saw Will talking about hitting two 7 irons and 9 irons off tees. He’d lost me at that point but I persevered. So I decided to bring the Scoring Method to the course and embrace it….First reaction is more than a big a-ha!

Firstly, I shot level par for 9 holes (3 pars,3 bogeys with actually 3 birdies in first 5 holes).

Secondly, I didn’t complain, like I normally do, when I hit poor tee shots on 3rd,8th and 9th. Instead,my mindset was ‘Can I get into the Scoring Zone?’ I actually was in it on 8th and 9th after one shot anyhow.

Thirdly,it reduced my swing thoughts. I’m very guilty of having a million swing thoughts. In the Scoring Zone,my only thought was ‘complete the follow through’ as per Will’s Pitching Pressure Free video. Took one practice swing each time and then stepped up and hit great pitches into 1,2,3,4,5 and 6.

In summary,I’m a convert! This eased so much pressure off me that it was crazy, in a good way.”

Who is this for?

If you’re frustrated with golf and are more p*ssed off than happy after playing.  You need this to understand how scoring works and that’s what we’ll teach you.

If you’re trying to break 90 every round this is for you.

If you want to learn how to erase all blow up holes this is for you.

If you want to get a plan to create smarter and PURPOSEFUL practice based on how you actually play golf.  We’ll show you that. 

I’ve used the scoring method 3 time on 9 holes and found it takes a lot of pressure off since my driver usually gets me in trouble. I find it easy to get within 100 yards in regulation then I usually get down in 3. Par 5 are still par-able which surprised me.

What I am most excited about is how my scoring dictates how I practice.

This method has changed my game forever and I look forward to getting to the next levels in a methodical manner.

– Vaughn

From Coach Will Robins,

The secret to playing better isn't more lessons, working out, new clubs, or a new swing fix...

I’m sorry to say this but you’ve been misled.

I’ve helped thousands of golfers go from shooting 100 to 85, from 90 to 80 and not once has it been by standing on the driving range working on their golf swing. Finally fixing their slice (yes you can shoot far lower scores with your horrible slice) or getting someone custom fit for new clubs.

What has worked?

I want to introduce you to the Scoring Method.

I’ve spent the last 8 years honing and perfecting this course management system to help you understand how to actually shoot lower scores on the golf course… and it’s finally ready for you to start using.

When most people think course management they think about aiming toward that tree over there or when to lay up or not… That’s not what the Scoring Method is, it’s a radical new way to think about playing golf and approach scoring with the game you have right now.


When you sign up for the course we’ll send you a pack of 25 scorecards for free…  So when you head to the course to implement what you learn you’ll have our custom scorecards in hand.

​ I came to the program a month ago and was shooting in the mid to high 90s and yesterday I shot an 81. The most helpful thing was learning how to break the game down into two parts. Entering the Scoring Zone and getting Down in the Scoring Zone.

– Scott

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