Learn the #1 course management method to shoot lower scores with the golf game you have today.

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The Scoring Method shows you what club to hit, where to hit it, and then lets you understand exactly where you went wrong and how to practice. It’s a new way to look at the game of golf with the skills and swing you have today.

You’ll learn how to get the ball in the hole quicker with the expectations and concrete strategies you need. We’re talking less frustration and no more blow-up rounds.

Stuck in your golf game? You're not alone. Endless rounds, but scores won't drop. Tweaking your swing? Forget it.

The real secret? The Scoring Method. A game-changing mindset shift. Ready to transform? Welcome to your golf revolution.
Will Robins, PGA
Creator of the Scoring Method

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I came to the program a month ago and was shooting in the mid to high 90s, and yesterday I shot an 81. The most helpful thing was learning how to break the game down into two parts: Entering the Scoring Zone and Getting Down in the Scoring Zone.


First time using the score card. Disclaimer is played a course with small, fast greens. “Aha” moment is my long game is adequate, but my short game is not good. I have prided myself on my short game, but I spent too long focusing on long game. 100 yards on in is where it’s at! Now time to get to work! Thanks, Will Robins.


Okay, so I played my first nine and used a 5h off the tee all round. After tallying my checks and other data, my “aha” moment was that I can get into the Scoring Zone almost all the time but need to work on finishing after that. Really had fun out there with all the pressure of scoring gone.


I have been working on breaking 80 for the last several years but without success. I had only broken 40 three times. But with your advice of focusing on being able to hit the 3–4′ putts and minimizing risks while focusing on getting into the scoring zone, two days ago (at a challenging course while in a local tournament), I broke 80 for the first time. In fact, I destroyed it with a 77. I can’t thank you enough for your coaching and guidance as part of the Scoring Method!!!!


Wanted to share my first round using the Scoring Method yesterday. I am an 18 handicap, and I have been struggling with my last 10 rounds being well over 100.

Yesterday was a tournament and shot 90 and finished in the top 5 for the flight with no great shots at all – just sticking with the method.

I can’t believe how liberating it was to stop worrying about hitting my drives as far as I could or about hitting a green or pitching close and just stick with the plan. Turns out “up there and in play” works.

Thank you, Will, for this clear and easy-to-follow method.


I’ve used the Scoring Method three times on nine holes and found it takes a lot of pressure off since my driver usually gets me in trouble. I find it easy to get within 100 yards in regulation, then I usually get down in three. Par 5 are still par-able, which surprised me. What I am most excited about is how my scoring dictates how I practice. This method has changed my game forever, and I look forward to getting to the next levels in a methodical manner.

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