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Kyle Weeks

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About Kyle

Eagle, ID
Kyle Weeks
Kyle got into the golf business two days after he graduated high school and never looked back. His life as a golf professional has taken jim to some amazing places, most notably Bend, Oregon, where his journey as a coach really started. Ultimately, Idaho is his home and always will be, so he found his way back to help the golfers of the Treasure Valley. 
Kyle has a passion for helping players shoot their lowest scores and have more fun. To him, there’s no better feeling than helping a young player on their journey to playing high school golf or helping a seasoned golfer break 80/90/100 for the first time. 
He joined the RGX community in 2022 and says the Scoring Method is the greatest tool he has found to date. With a little bit of hard work and a commitment to our plan, it helps him guide his students to a lifelong enjoyment of the game that has given him so much. 

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