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​”I came to the program a month ago and was shooting in the mid to high 90s and yesterday I shot an 81. The most helpful thing was learning how to break the game down into two parts. Entering the Scoring Zone and getting Down in the Scoring Zone.”

“This method has changed my game forever and I look forward to getting to the next levels in a methodical manner.”

What you'll learn during this online training:

  • 9 pillars to unlocking your scoring potential
  • Get insights into the key STATS that will help you play smarter golf
  • Improve your Scoring IQ
  • Get a plan for your “mental game” that’s applicable and practical

Your coach Will Robins

While honeymooning on Ko Phi Phi Don Island in Thailand, aspiring pro, Will Robins and his wife were swept out to sea by a tsunami generated by the Sumatra earthquake. Due to injuries sustained, Will gave up his competitive golf career and sponsorships.

Will dedicates his life to those that did not survive the tragedy and has found peace in teaching the game to others and sharing his amazing story of perseverance and hope with others. Will owns and operates WRGolf coaching programs in California and is leading a movement to revolutionize golf instruction worldwide by transitioning coaches to a results-based coaching model.

Golf Digest recently recognized Will as one of the Best Young Teachers in America. He travels the country motivating people, golfers, and entrepreneurs about his journey from surviving the tsunami to starting his own coaching program and golf consulting company.

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