The Scoring Method – Level 2

Unlock Your Lowest Handicap with Better Strategy and Coaching

You learned Level 1 of the Scoring Method – now what?

In level 2, we take the powerful systems and mindsets you learned in level 1 and show you how to put all the pieces together so you can unlock your inner tour caddie to help you conquer any course or situation.

It’s the strategies and mindsets you need to massively accelerate your progress without going through major swing changes.

What You'll Get

Get a sneak peek of the kind of instruction you’ll get in Level 2. 

Become your own best caddie. Learn the tools to get yourself out of any jam and how to strategize around the course no matter how you’re playing that day.

We all have heard that golf is a “mental game,” but I want to talk about why I think it’s an emotional game and the mindsets that will help you play your best golf.

We head out on the course and share all kinds of examples and live case studies so you can be better prepared when you head to the course.

Do you feel like your practice always ends up in frustration and are cycling through swing tips on the driving range? We’ll help you better define what you need to practice based on your game.