The Scoring Method – Level 2

Unlock Your Lowest Handicap with Better Strategy and Coaching

You learned Level 1 of the Scoring Method – now what?

In level 2, we take the powerful systems and mindsets you learned in level 1 and show you how to put all the pieces together so you can unlock your inner tour caddie to help you conquer any course or situation.

It’s the strategies and mindsets you need to massively accelerate your progress without going through major swing changes.

Get the Coaching You Need

Imagine understanding exactly how you’re supposed to play each hole based on your game that day. Imagine not being frustrated every time you leave the course. Imagine having a system that shows you exactly where you’re loosing shots and gives you a plan on how to practice.

You need to understand the gears of the game.

It’s the mindset to help you become your own best caddie and give yourself a solid plan + system when you play golf (and practice).

What You'll Get

Get a sneak peek of the kind of instruction you’ll get in Level 2. 

Become your own best caddie. Learn the tools to get yourself out of any jam and how to strategize around the course no matter how you’re playing that day.

We all have heard that golf is a “mental game,” but I want to talk about why I think it’s an emotional game and the mindsets that will help you play your best golf.

We head out on the course and share all kinds of examples and live case studies so you can be better prepared when you head to the course.

Do you feel like your practice always ends up in frustration and are cycling through swing tips on the driving range? We’ll help you better define what you need to practice based on your game.

Taking It to the Course – New Bonus!

Join coach Will Robins and Cordie Walker for nine holes as he uses the scorecard and explains all the concepts during a live playing session.

It’s the practical coaching you need to understand what this looks like in the real world.

Ready to lower your score?

The Scoring Method is the #1 course management method to shoot lower scores with the golf game you have today.

  • Online recorded training program (1.5+ hours)
  • Recorded coaching sessions to get your questions answered, along with other Scoring Method students
  • Lifetime access to all updates and additions
  • Get the level 2 coaching, recorded coaching sessions ($99 value), and 9-hole playing lesson video series ($79 value)



  1. A recorded online course to help you learn the core concepts and strategies. Coach Will is in his studio and on the course helping you learn everything about the Scoring Method so you can go out and apply it to your game.
  2. Recorded coaching sessions with other level 2 students.
  3. Lifetime access to the course and content.
  4. Nine-hole recorded playing lesson so you can see the Scoring Method in action.

You get lifetime access to the course! The live coaching will last the first four weeks.

On a computer, tablet, or phone. You’ll be able to watch the recorded presentations (or download to save them for future consumption).

We’ve had hundreds of people make it through the program and love our well-organized and interactive LMS.

Every golfer!

No matter your skill level, this is going to help you become your own best caddie and unlock your lowest scores.

These principles work with 100 handicappers ,to elite level college players, to pros.