Unlock Your Golfing Potential

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Episode 1

Why Golf Lessons with Instructors Don't Work

On our first episode we talk about what a coach is and why getting one might be just what you need to to actually achieve your golfing goals. Our current model of golf instruction is scheduling a one-hour lesson and letting that instructor know what you want to work…but coach Will talks about why that just doesn’t work if you want lower scores.

Episode 2

How to Completely Change Your Belief System for Better Results

We’ve all heard that golf is a “mental game” and all in the head. But what does that really mean, and how do we change it? Coach Will talks about why golf is an emotional game and how what we believe creates those emotions, not what we’re thinking. You’ve gotten into all the technicalities on the golf swing and spent years trying to understand it; take just a few minutes to listen in to change your beliefs and, ultimately, your results.

Episode 3

Lower Your Expectations by Knowing the REAL Stats

American culture pushes us to be great; to work harder, have high expectations, and in our golf games, always expect to play great golf. We dive into the stats and realities of what it takes to play great golf.

Too many of us bring in unrealistically high expectations that we simply can’t meet. Also in this episode, learn the most important stats to understand in this episode.

Episode 4

How to Score Better Without Changing Your Swing At All

You don’t have a technique problem, but you keep searching for answers based on your technique.

When Rory shot 40 on the back 9 at the Masters and lost the tournament, he didn’t lose his technique. His golf swing didn’t suddenly change…so what was it, then?